Saturday, June 5, 2010

Provo MTC 06/04/2010

Dear family,
I'm good. Some guy from the 70 spoke to us last Tuesday. He was kinda an awkward speaker, and half of his talk was watching a clip from some space program, but it was cool nevertheless. It was about the importance and power of prayer. I wrote the poem below after the devotional.
The world seems small, admist the stars,
yet the lord hears me, he hears my prayer
when the road is tough, too hard to bear,
he helps me, he hears my prayer,
When I'm discouraged and in despair,
the Lord saves me, He hears my prayer,
I'm lifted in joy, I'm lifted in love,
I can smile, the lord is there.
We all have scars, get back to work,
the lord knows you, he hears your prayer
Photo: courtesy of Pink Daffodil Photography by Erin Gadd

I still have the same companion Elder Pratt. I speak spanish alright. My grammar is off though. Now, we're only allowed to speak spanish pretty much everyday. When does Tanner come to the MTC? I have not seen him yet. I've run into other aquaintances tho. It was cool.

According to Elder Talbot who is in the same room than us, we may be leaving for Spain on June 15th, or July 5th. He knows someone and that's the rumor he heard. But nuttin' official. The travel office doesn't like us, cuz we bug them a lot about our travel itinerary.

That's way cool that Phil is now out in the field. Thank you for his address and I will be sure to write to him. I could use another T-shirt. 3 isn't enough. I go thru one a day. I work hard at the gym. I can already run 3 miles again. I'll try to get to 5 before I leave.(send the red and white striped one, the v-neck, its actually long.)

No, I haven't looked at the blog. I am not allowed to. That rule is enforced with a plethora of firewalls and restrictions...but it's all good.

Hi Linsey,
I read a Lot of excitement from your email little sister! Cool for you for performing "The Angel of Music" from the Phamtom of the Opera. That's way cool you performed it as a solo on your violin. That's awesome!! I'm glad you played softball at school and that you are now off for the Summer. I dont have nothing too exciting like you to say except maybe that I did a dare this morning. We all went to the temple across the street from the MTC this morning and on the way back, I picked a rose off a rose bush because it looked like it would smell good...and it did! So, we were at the cross walk, waiting to cross the street (me and a bunch of my district missionaries) and there were two young women about 18-19 years of age and Elder Johnson, a member of my district dared me to offer the rose to the girls and ask them to write to me. So I did. It was the funniest thing I've done here so far. We busted up laughing. Anyway, that's all I can think of telling you for now little sister.

Well it's good to hear from all of you and to know that everything is well.
see you later

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