Friday, June 18, 2010

Provo MTC 06/18/2010

Yeah, so who won on the Lakers and Celtics game? that's what we all wanna know.

Our mission president already warned us about the Spain loss in soccer and told us there will be a great cry of lamentation.
As of now, I hear america is tied. That'd be sweet if we won. The Brazilian lady in the travel office was happy about the downfall of N. Korea. That day we asked about our visas and she flat out told us she didn't want to help us at that moment cause she was busy watching that play of the game. She had a giant green and yellow wig, Brazil flag tatoos on each cheek, and a flag draped around her shoulders.
Photo: courtesy of Pink Daffodil Photography by Erin Gadd

But, yeah. I got my VISA!!!! I'll call today and give you more details. I think my departure is tuesday, at 10:35, terminal 2, Delta.

Below is my Spain address. It's what it says in the big information book at the front desk. I don't know yet how the mail system works over there. Let's hope for the best.
Elder Daryl Scott Bennett
Av. Jesús Santos Rein Nº 2, 3D-E
Edif. Ofisol
29640 Fuengirola Málaga,

Thanks for the pictures you sent. That was nice. Yes I did get a haircut, and I am required to get another one. It's crazy getting ready to pack and stuff...but I get to leave for Spain!!! FINALLY!!

"I said a little more off the top!!!!!!! Ahhh, grrrrr.......what's that?"

I was made ZONE LEADER and part of a trio this week. But that trio willl obviously be disolved (with me leaving for Spain next Tuesday). The best part was giving the orientation to the new district. They are so overwhelmed. Nothing else really special to report. I have 1 more minute before this computer kicks me off.

PS: Mom, I met someone from Tahiti going to Japan. I knew right away she was from Tahiti cuz she had your accent, understood spanish, and had black pearl earrings. I'm totally a sherlock bye for now, Elder Bennett

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