Sunday, June 13, 2010

Provo MTC 06/11/2010

Dear mom & dad,
Yes, I received the shirt, thank you very much.. No travel plans yet, but there were two spain missionaries who recieved their visa this week. One of them was one of the missionaries in our dorm going to malaga and one was a missionary who got here last week and going to Barcelona. So maybe we'll get ours too..or maybe not.. It doesn't really matter anymore I suppose.

Nothing too interresting going on.. I'll try to send some pictures home soon.. Oh Yeah, I'm able to do four miles as of wednesday.. I'm just busy doing mission stuff during my stay here.. Tell Jared Kilgore "hi" back and also to the family and the Ward members. "Happy Father's Day" dad.
Elder Bennett
Here's a picture of all the missionaries in my district (one is missing. He's taking the pic). This pic was taken in front of the Provo Temple.

What humour Linsey? Anywho.. I picked up another rose this morning, cuz it smells fantastic. So we were walking back from the Temple, and I was smelling my rose.. We stopped at the same traffic light, and I looked behind us.. Lo and behold, it was our two favorite young ladies.. I don't think they remembered the last encounter. Thankfully! I guess they're BYU students who work at the MTC or something. I kept the rose this time, lol I didn't offer it. I got the package, thanx.. It was great having another shirt and Thanx for the pin too.
I also received a package from Zach Harris.. That was very cool.. I saw Tanner yesterday during gym.. but I didn't get to talk with him for more than a sec, but it was nice.. Have fun.
Elder bennett

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