Friday, May 28, 2010

Provo MTC 05/28/2010

What are my grades for school?
I haven't left yet. The visa situation is miserable, and I have an awful hunch I'll be here all nine weeks. I'm supposed to be in spain right now... None of us have heard anything about our visas or travel itinerary. Oh well....

Spanish is pretty cool. I like it. Next week we are expected to only speak it. Our group is getting along well. Four of us are going to Malaga Spain. The rest are going other places. I am looking forward to Madrid. I saw the MTC on a poster, it has 3 bulidings, a chapel, a temple and an apartment complex/classroom.
Provo is good. I like the spirit that is here. I'll be out of here long before July hopefully. One sister going to our mission, in our zone, just left this week...but, not to Spain. She's been here about 12 weeks...

I love you too.

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