Monday, September 26, 2011

Murcia 09/26/11

We had another good week. We did splits almost every day. We´re gonna be working on getting people to church this week. That will be our goal. We´re gonna ask for member's help, look at all the bus lines to Murcia and get a system that will help members, less active-members and non-members to church.

I taught an investigator named Sandra for the first time this week. She´s absolutely golden. She believes in everything and wants to be baptized. She just needs to come to church 2 times. I´m baffled of why she hasn´t been invited to church in the past. But, she´ll be coming to conference this upcoming week.

José-Maria is another prime investigator (Not only cuz he has a car and can drive to church.) but, we had a powerful lesson with him where he spilled all his doubts on the table. He knows his bible very well. He can quote it. He read the book of mormon, and he admits its true because its loaded with wisdom. But, he doesn´t believe in the restoration and that angels can minister to men in these latter days. We showed him all the scriptures, but he doesn´t seem to want to accept it. Then, we invited him to pray at the end of our lesson, on our knees, and he was almost crying. He didn´t ask Heavenly Father on a specific topic...pride prevented him. But... I think the spirit is converting him. This man is incredible. I have a book about every doubt on the church with answers, and I think he´s brought up about half of them. Anyway... I have the feeling he´ll be baptized. He wants to be baptized.

Today, for P-day, a less active member invited us to play tennis. He's going to introduce us to his friends and also invite his friend to come to church on Sundays. Another less active member named Gabriela did a bus contact and gave us the reference. She´s stoked to work!

I wrote my first letter in french this week (with the help of my companion of course.). I want to write to uncle Gilles, what's his address? He sent me a post card and I want to thank him. French is so hard to pronounce. We´re giving French classes right now. C'est chouette, n'est ce pas?

Monday, September 19, 2011

Murcia 09/19/11

Murcia is finally going good. We have 12 new investigators now and only 2 non- members. We´re gonna be doing a lot of exchange every day this week, so we'll be visiting a lot of different cities. We´re excited. We had a baptism yesterday of a young girl named Karen. My comp really wanted to do the ordinace. Me and my comp get along well. We´re hoping to have more baptizms soon. Our teaching pool is growing slowly. I can´t send pictures cuz the computer place we go to suck.

Having a car is amazing. It makes a big difference. There are only so many places you can go on foot. Our area is as big as the whole province of Salt Lake and some of Provo put together. Some of these cities we walk in, the people dont know who we are and are more open to listen to us. Members come up to us on the street and tell us that they´ve been looking for the church for years, but couldnt find it.

Yeah, it's crazy to believe it's allready the 10th year anniversary since Osaka Bin Laden blew up the world trade center. Everyone here in Spain is talking about it and how it affected their lives. And how fast the time went by. It wasn´t that fast for me. I went thru some major life changes in that time frame.