Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Murcia 12/26/11

Well, thanks for the phone call, it was nice. I liked the picture, that was pretty funny. Thank you for the money on the card.

I discovered last night that I can put mini SD card chips into our new church phones. And i put in the one that you sent me for ´hump day´ and for christmas and was able to see the pictures and listen to the songs for the first time. Thanks for the stuff! I really liked them and enjoyed them. Now I can listen to all the songs on our phone.

Have a very merry Christmas! :)
Elders Forrest, Shaver, Bennett, and Melgarejo enjoyed a little Burger King time. Nothing like some good old American food once in a while.

The Murci/Elche Zones say Merry Christmas

Monday, December 12, 2011

Murcia 12/12/11

I´ll probably get my package on the 21, with my card, so... you´ll be getting your Belén after Christmas, if you don´t mind.
Everything is going good here. We´re having a good time. We´re probably gonna be moving to a city named Molina de Segura. Its 15 minutes north of Murcia. They´re gonna be splitting the ward, and a new chapel will be built there. It´ll be cool.

The coolest guy was baptized, last week, in less than 2 weeks. Now he´s got the priesthood, and he´s a ward missionary. He´s given us 6 references, and he´ll be giving us more he said.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Murcia 12/05/11

I haven´t got the Christmas package and I haven´t heard anything about it. I´m sure I´ll get it soon. That's pretty crazy about the 100 mile wind. Did it do anything at home?

You want a Belén? The Spanish Nativity is a super huge tradition. It's more like an art rather than something you pick up at Wall-Mart. Belén is like our next door neighbor's Christmas village. But, everyone has one! There is a man in Archena, who started making Nativity when he was 8 years old and still continues until now, he's 60 years old. And its like 1000 square meters big. And this man made everything by hand.

Belén you have to recreate the entire city of Jersualem pretty much. And you have the 3 wisemen starting their journey far away from the nativity and they get closer every day until 3 kings day, Jan 6. I´ll look around and see what I can do. I´m sure some china store would sell something for half the price of Wall-mart.

I finished the BOM. It was a good exercise. So i´ve read the Book of Mormon 4 times on my mission. 2x in english and twice in spanish. Its a good book.

I´m glad that Neil is doing basketball.