Monday, June 20, 2011

Almeria 06/20/11

We didn´t have a P-day last week cuz the ´traveling training APs´ came into our area for 4 days. We had to skip p-day until last Friday. But it was good. I learned a lot about getting references from the street. Our trip to Madrid was very fun. It was an awesome experience!
When are you all going to St-Georges? That's cool to think that Linsey will be attending a violin camp at Tuahcan. The violin camp sounds pretty fancy! By the way, when you are in St-Georges, you need to go to Pizza Factory and say that I am companion with Elder Pallas and maybe you'll get a discount on your pizza order. As you may allready know, Elder Pallas is from St-Georges. Have fun on your trip!The people in white shirts are from the Malaga mission, the rest are greenies training in the CCM. (Elder Brown from the Glenmoor stake -yes, from our Stake - can be found here.)

The Madrid City and the Temple at night.
Me and Hna. Delgado, a member that I knew back when I was servin in Sevilla!! Now she´s serving a mission
Noche Hogar with the family of Mirta y Julio Corrado, and Abel and Eli. Argentinafest!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Almeria 06/06/11

This week has been a hard one. We are looking for a new piso.

School is still going on here, but it will end very soon. What are you gonna do this summer?

Righnt now we only focus on teaching all the progressing investigators. Francisco is a spaniard that Elder Pallas found on the street with his limited spanish. He is a 38-year old ex-special forces Agent. He has a ton of faith. He wants to be baptized, but in cold water and he also needs to get married first! He told us that it shouldn´t be a problem. He´s been with this girl for 17 years.

Miguel, wants to be baptized as well. He's a 49-year old spaniard. His girl friend is a church member from Peru and they also just need to get married first! But, the gears are in motion and the papers are almost done.

Lola and Antonio are progressing, slowly but surely. I think they´re afraid of commitment, but it's only a matter of time. One of Lola's daughters will start taking lessons from us as well. We had a kid call us and ask to be baptized. So we hope to see good things with him.

Yesterday at church was bring your friend to church day. We saw some results. We gave a blind kid the book of mormon in braille. The book is huge!

I had a good experience reading some books this week. I read "Jesus the Christ" by Talmage and "Our Heritage", and "A brief intro to the church" by Ballard, and now I´m reading a "Marvelous Work and a Wonder". It's really helping me.

It's starting to get warmer here. It's still not too hot... like it was last summer. It's very humid but we get a cool wind from the ocean which is nice. I get to go to Madrid this week, so I´m super excited. I get to go to the MTC MADRID and go to the Temple. It's been a year since i´ve been there! Hope all is well.