Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Madrid SPAIN MTC 06/23/2010

I´m now in Madrid Spain MTC. I'm so tired. I left the MTC Provo yesterday Tues. June 22 at 6:00am and arrived here at the Madrid SPAIN MTC Wed. June 23 at Noon. We get to go to bed tonight at 7pm. I am happy for that. They serve real food here. I´m hapy for that. They have lots of good resources for us to use. It's better here by far. I saw Elder Marchiello, the Elder who left last week. His disposition is a whole lot happier here than it was when he was in Provo. The flight was long. Thanx for coming. My suitcases were 50lbs and 49lbs. I have a ton of stuff. Es tambien though. That's cool about Spain winning their soccer game against Honduras. I´m supposed to be emailing you to let you know I´m alive like my mission President showed you pictures to prove that I´m not dead. Thanx for coming to the airport.
Elder Bennett
This pic was taken at the Salt Lake City Airport 06/22/2010.

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