Monday, March 7, 2011

Almeria 03/07/11

Almería is a good place. I like it. I live in a piso with my companion Elder Hamilton and 2 other Elders: Beck (he's from Anaheim CA) and his trainee Lignell (he's from Holladay UT), and it's an absolute blast. I can see the beach from my apartment, which is cool. We also have 2 sisters in our area.

Right now, it's kinda hard, cuz before I arrived here, it was a 2 Elder area. So now we have to split all the work between 2 sets of Elders & 2 sisters. It's been kinda slow and the work has been suffering, but we'll do our best.

Elders Hamilton & Bennett coming out of their piso.

We had a double baptism last night. Its cool. The ward members are supposed to be legendary in their support and thats good. They do like 99% home teaching which I think is outstanding!!! We get fed everyday here, it's awesome!!!
President & Hermana Clegg visited Almeria over the week-end. After church we were invited to the home of the Moraza family. We had a great meal and a wonderful time.

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