Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Almeria 03/15/11

I heard about Joseph. It's absolutely wonderful that he´s leaving for Brasil soon. Everything´s doing good in Almeria. We´re working hard and stuff. We´re having a lot of people to teach. I´m glad to hear Neil and Linsey are doing well. I hope all is well with the rest of the family also. Here are some pictues for you to enjoy....

Baptism of Teddy and Rocio (Teddy is the small brown boy to the left, and Rocio is his mom)

Here's our group of Missionaries serving in Almeria. Awesome!!!

Hna Capener, Hna Frandsen, Elder Beck, Elder Lignell, Elder Bennett & Elder Hamilton

Until the fat Lady sings

Famous monument

We love P-days

We are simply enjoying visiting historical statues & castle.

The Strip

Bad parking... come on Elder Lignell, we can move the car ourselves:)1-2-3 lift!!!
Elders, you are too funny. Stop showing off your muscles (lol)!!!

rock coast

Magical Alcazaba

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