Monday, February 28, 2011

Almeria 02/28/11

Its been a crazy week. I said goodbye to all our investigators in Jerez. We were teaching 5 lessons a night. I´ll miss Elder Long and Elder Waite. They´re super cool Elders, and I´ve learned a lot from them.
This is a pic taken with a couple in Gibraltar.

My trip from Jerez, to Almería was a bit hard. I had a lot of stuff. I´ve been meaning to send a package home with some of my souveneirs so I don´t have to carry it everywhere. The Journey was only 8 hours in bus. It was a nice bus with leather seats and stuff.

English classes are great. I was inspired by my English classes. One old lady was super offended as I said goodbye to her cuz i didn´t do the Besitos (you kiss them on the cheeks). That's more normal here. It's like their version of the handshake.

I´m here in Almería, and it has a reputation for being the most supportive Ward in all of Europe. It's so true. People here, actually care about their calling. They get like 99% on their home teaching every month. I´m excited.

Me, 2 more Elders, and 2 hermanas, are all new to this town. Before, it was just a 2 elder area. Now we have 6. We´re all new, except for my companion Elder Hamilton. Elder Hamilton left on 5 de mayo with me. We never met eachother in the MTC, but, he was in my district when I was in Dos Hermanas de Sevilla. He´s from Utah, from a little pueblo, south of SLC. I forgot which one. We get along really well.

That's great news. I´m so happy that I get the summer off from school when I get home. :)

6 Elders finished their mission and are returning home with honor. Elders Bullen, Larsen (my first companion in Dos-Hermanas, Sevilla), Thatcher, Wallace, LeBaron and Han.

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