Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Almeria 03/22/11

Everything is going well this week. I am getting to know this area a little bit better now. Things here have a lot of potental. The missionary programs, such as 1 of 5, and English classes are starting to be a success. I´ve had fun posting English class flyers on poles this week. We had curious people come up to us and ask if it was really true that we were having free english classes. We met people from Argentina and Berlin, and we even gave away a book of mormon (biblia de los mormones) and set up a return visit.

Elder Christenson & I on splits.

I found a really interesting book in our apartment, about tips in missionary work. It's pre-preach my gospel, but... some of the things really do apply here, to Spain. I´ve tried a lot of these tips for door contacts, and they´ve been working!!
Specialized training - Granada Zone

We dropped 5 of our investigators, cause the dad of the family doesn´t want them to change church, But... we will try to talk to him again and hopefully soften his heart. He's so busy all the time. He works all day and every day of the week.

We set a new baptismal date, for April 2, (during conference) with a guy named Victor. He's super nice. He´s from Columbia. He´s got a heart of gold.

We are also helping our Ukrainian investigator meet his baptismal date in April 2. He´s struggling to quit smoking. He's had a hard life but, we´re helping him realize that God loves him, wants him to be happy and that a foundation in the gospel will help him.

We are still teaching Lily, the 28 year old Portugese lady who runs a shop. She always brings baked pastries everytime we teach her...like chocolate covered croissants. Our last visit with Lily was quite fantastic. We brought a returned missionary from the Bilbao mission with us, named Alma. Alma just barely came home, and she has this big desire of assisting us with our lessons. She teaches really really well!! She had a lot of good examples. The members are really helping us!

We had the father of a Romanian family that we´re teaching who called us this week to ask if we had a car. His daughter broke her ankle at school and he asked if we could help him out. We called up a member, and we helped him out. The Romanians are super nice. They feed us really well, with cake and m&ms everytime we go over. We had a hard time teaching them because of the language barrier, but... we started to get the message to them, and we provided matierals to them in Romanian. They rock. They have some Russian friends we may start teaching soon.

We´ve been blessed with a ton of success. and we have had lots of fun on p-days. We saw the big castle last week, and we´ll go see an underground Hitler city pretty soon.


I saw some footage of that Japan earthquake.. Its crazy!! And I heard America invaded Lybia for oil, along with Italy, spain, canada, france, and england. Whats going on with that? Thats pretty close to where I am. My spanish is getting better and better.
Below are more pics taken on our P-day.

View from the inside of a cave

This is a cloudy day in the city

What a cool looking castle, he thougt...

What a beautiful view behind me!

Elder Lignell and I ducking

The Beach

The cool castle of Alcazaba

Touch down!!!

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