Monday, August 30, 2010

Dos Hermanas Sevilla 08/30/10

What's uncle Gilles' number? He should come for a visit. lol. By the way, my first pair of shoes died, like completely!!! It's no longer GOOD. Unfortunately I can't find shoes my size over here, but I should be fine. I will send more pictures on another P-Day.

Mission work is doing pretty good. I'll be Senior companion starting tommorow for pretty much a week, which I'm excited for. All the zone and district leaders in the world are having a big meeting for 4 days and I'm being paired off with an ELder who's only been here for two weeks. It will be an adventure.

We didn't do too bad last week. Our 2 Nigerians investigators Top & Samuel are getting baptized on the 18th of September and hopefully at our new stake center which I had the opportunity to visit when I did some splits in downtown Sevilla. During that splits, I was paired with an italian Elder who didn't speak English. We somehow managed to communicate with each other. When we stayed in downtown Sevilla, it was so impossible to get some sleep with sirenes going off every hour and all night.

I like being companion with a zone leader whenever I have a chance, cuz zone leaders have so many contacts which is different of what I am used to. The ward that we visited during the split was so cool. We had the priviledge to attend a big birthday party at the church for a young woman who was turning 12. The whole floor was littered in confetti afterwards. The Ward is just a tight knit group you know and it's just awesome.
Elder Bennett

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