Monday, September 6, 2010

Dos Hermanas Sevilla 09/06/10

Now my other pair of shoes died as well. They both kinda still function but the outside look destroyed. I will do my best wearing them for as long as I could.
Elder Vaninetti & Elder Bennett

The days are getting shorter so it gets darker earlier. It gets dark by like 9:30pm. The weather is a lot cooler too. Last week was like 120 every day and now it's around 100.

The temporary companion (see pic below) assigned to me and for whom I was his senior companion for a few days was actually from my group when we were serving in the Provo MTC. He simply left way later than I did cuz of his visa. He and I did pretty good. We taught lessons and did other missionary stuff. We do have language rules over here too but they are just poorly enforced. We only speak spanish when talking to someone local. Most locals do not wanna speak english.

Our two Nigerian investigators Samuel and Top are golden. Their baptisms are scheduled for the 18th of September. Unfortunately the font at our Stake is still broken. We are hoping we can do the baptisms at our new Stake. It is bigger and the building is also much needed for all kinds of Church activities.
The new Stake Center in Sevilla

For this coming Saturday, we are planninng a huge activity and it should be cool. We are right now in alcala doing exchanges. This place is like a mansion. This is the second nicest place next to the mission home. We have so much to do which is really good. Having Elder larsen and I being on the front page of sister Glegg's missionary blog doesn't suprise me. We are just fantastic missionaries.

I am having horrific problems with my residency and nobody seems to know what to do. The Spain government wants me to go to Madrid just to have my fingerprints taken. It should be cool to travel back to Madrid. Hasta luego.

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