Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dos Hermanas Sevilla 08/17/10

We couldn't use a computer on our P-day cause david (he lives in our appartement building) was home and was using the lap top....ALL DAY, and everywhere else was closed due to a holiday celebration.

Anyway...We canceled the baptism of Samuel and Top and it's gonna be on september 25th. We made them realize that they have to be clean before they enter the water, not repent afterwards. So they gave us that date and told us that they'd be ready by then. We dropped Fidel. We straight up said, you know everything, you understand everything, you've received multiple witnesses that it's true. Do you wanna live with your family forever? Will you change your life and be baptized? He said a flat out NO, and then we expressed our regret and dropped him. It might work for him in the big grand scheme of things. He'll probably come back.
Elder Larsen, Samuel, Elder Bennett, Top & ?

We finally had our concert. It was super successful, especially for Spain. We had like 100 people who showed up. All the musical numbers went smoothly, and everybody loved it. We had a ton of non-members and almost all our investigators came. We also had members who traveled from far away to be there and to show us their support. It was just fantastic!!! We had a return missionary who was on his honeymoon and his wife just happens to be a profesional swedish singer, so we squeezed her in for a few performances. It was just incredibly fantastic.

Transfer happened for many but as for me, I'm staying again in Dos Hermanas Sevilla with elder Larsen as my companion still. Good bye.

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