Monday, August 23, 2010

Dos Hermanas Sevilla 08/23/10

We experienced heavy rain for the last few days. Anyway, after the big success of our concert, we had an unsuccessful week. Everyone bailed on us on almost every appointment or activity we have planned or they simply forgot.... oh well.

Where is everyone????

We randomly ran into a woman from the Domincan Repubblic who is a member. She was looking for the LDS church in Dos Hermanas. We happened to be around so we gladly helped her.

Last week, we met a less active member lady on the street in a bad part of town beeing yelled at by someone from Moroco who was drunk, violent and heavily drugged. Not only the guy was yelling profanities at her but he also beat a guy and a grandma with a chair. The police was called but came 20 minutes later to the scene. There are not that many policemen serving in Dos Hermanas. Even though the city of Dos Hermanos is huge, there are only 4 policemen serving the city all together. After everything was squared away with the police, we got the ladies' number for future references.

Read the sign, it says it all.

I's good to hear that brother Johnson & his wife are back from serving in Greece. That's too bad about missionary work over there. I heard that right now only three missionaries are allowed to proselyte in all of Greece. They're all hard headed people and more so in Greece than here. Most of our investigators & potentials are from South America. The missionary work here is all good.
Good bye for now and hope all is well with you.

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  1. hi Daryl, i'm just coming to say hello.
    you look very happy and great. I'm very happy to read your news
    love you