Monday, August 2, 2010

Dos Hermanas Sevilla 08/02/10

We went to Sevilla again. We were able to get into the Sevilla Cathedral for free cause we're residents. It's the biggest Cathedral in Spain. It was intense! We also went to a Pirate Muesum. It was so cool. They had real maps, diaramas and model pirate ships, cannons, swords, guns, and all sorts of stuff. They had a video that explains everything. The place had 48000 volumes of the spanish presence in the new America. It's awesome but we actually have this amazing BOOK called the "Book of Mormon" that explains better the history of the people who lived in America!! hahaha.

We ran into one of the Ukraines at the same park and we invited her to attend the church in Sevilla. We hope she went. It was crazy running into one of them again. But, you always seem to run into people you know around here. it's pretty fantastic.

This week was pretty exciting in the regard of missionnary work. Tuesday, we had a great noche hogar (Family night) with two Church members and one non-member who lives with them. She's actually considering singing in our spiritual concert, cuz she has an incredible voice. Right now, she's on vacation but we gave her a Book of Mormon to read before she left. she told us to be prepared to answer many of her questions about this book when she gets back. We almost jumped for joy.

We had another noche hogar with two Africans, and it was incredible! One of them name Samuel gets the gospel, he understands it and he's pretty much golden, but his buddy unfortunately just doesn't get it. He asks weird questions that aren't questions at all but are his mixed doctrines of evangelical teachings and stuff. At the end of the noche hogar, he changed. He started to accept more of our teachings.
We taught both of them about the Book of Mormon, modern day prophets and asked them to pray about it and be baptized. I think there's a chance for a baptism but not quite sure yet. HOPEFULLY!! They both were like: "can I be baptized again? I was already baptized in another faith, can you baptize me again?"

Thursday, we had another noche hogar at a member's apartment. The parents can't become members til they get proof from South America that they are married. They've been waiting on their paper work for a long time, but they act and are consider as members though. They have duties in the Church and almost all their kids are baptized. Jorge, the dad of the family, and Fabian, invited a ton of people at this hogar noche. We probably had 16 people there including us. There were also 6 new investigators there. It was awesome. We showed them the movie "testaments" and ate food. It was super cool. It's such a corny film, and I was praying they wouldn't think we were too weird..but supringly, they actually accepted it well, and one of them even came to church on Sunday.

In spain, nobody lets you serve them. They are hard headed people. But on Friday, we had a rare service oppurtunity. We helped a guy in our ward move. He was an American working for the army at the army base. it was cool cuz we got to see american stuff!! The quality is so much better than spanish stuff. He said the military paid for all that stuff to be shipped overseas. I even saw a Hobby Lobby bag, and I'm like "WOW"...useless Hobby Lobby junk made it into spain!! I thought it was quite comical. His wife said their daughter was baptized the day before, and we were like "awesome"... but then she said" "into the catholic church", which was a funny twist. We still congratulated her and went off.

We've been practiing a lot for our concert, hopefully many people will attend.
thats pretty much it,

yours truly,
Elder Bennett

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