Monday, July 26, 2010

Dos Hermanas Sevilla 07/26/10

Hello family,
This week was good. We had zone conference. Another Elder stayed overnight with us at our place so we can all go to zone conference the next morning. It was his old area so it was really cool for him and especially really good for one of our investigator named Fidel. Fidel is making more progress this week than the whole one year and a half being taught, which is a miracle!
Could I pretty please bring this cute puppy back home?

The sisters in Sevilla planned a ward ativity. A few non-missionaries showed up, including some investigators and ward members. We all had a great time. We played water balloons, volley ball, watched the movie "Legacy" and had coke floats, cuz root beer can't be found here.

Sevilla was awesome last week. We went to the plaza of spain. It used to be the Capital building of the country, but it's actually the place where the "Naboo fight scene in Star Wars episode" was taken place, which was the coolest part for me. We went to the grocery store and bought some lunch and ate it in a really cool place in a giant park that looks like a jungle.

We're going to Sevilla again today. I am super excited. We're planning a spiritual concert and we're hoping to attract new investigators there. I have the feeling it's gonna be awesome.

There will be a super big holiday in our city this weekend. The city is having a giant flamenco concert in the middle of it and it's expected to bring lots of people. Everything will be closed down. I think this is a celebration in honor of the virgin Mary (lol)... so I have my own little celebration during Pioneer day too. Me and my companion Elder Larsen are doing good. Spanish food isn't too bad, but it's really different. Our city is having a bull fight sometime soon, but we're not allowed to go under this new mission President cuz some elders would use all their money to get the best seats.

We walk everywhere and use the train heavily. Our main meals consist of "courses". People use olive oil in everything. I do eat ice-cream a lot. It's fantastic! I do report to the mission President weekly. I havent seen any buffet restaurants yet. They seem to be super hard to find and I assume they must be super expensive too. Spain doens't believe in built-in air conditioning, or heating water. It's rather strange! I haven't been sunburned, luckily!!
Bye for now, Elder Bennett

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