Monday, July 19, 2010

Dos Hermanas Sevilla 07/19/10

On Mon, Jul 19, 2010 at 9:51 AM, Daryl Bennett wrote:
Thanx for the package. I finally got it when I went to Malaga for a training meeting...but the postage on the package was very expensive!! It was really really thoughtful though and I appreciate it. In the future, you could just add money on my card. We live next to the American base and our Ward Mission leader can get us stuff from there for very cheap... anyway thank you again for the package. the snickers were great!! We also had a father and sons camp at the Mission home in Malaga. It was cool seeing all the old crew there.
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Training meeting with all 7 of the new missionaries who came to the Malaga mission over the last 2 weeks. Who said that Missionaries can't jump in pool??

Here are the next group of new Missionaries that had arrived in Fuengirola Malaga Mission.

Elders Talbot, Stowell, Pratt (Daryl's Mission Companion in Provo MTC) and Masterson are the newest Elders.

Last week, we visited Sevilla and it was awesome. Of couse it was super hot but we managed. We got baguettes and water and played guitar in a park. We played with some Ukraines and made contact with them. That was super fun.

Many people still have spanish flags draped out on their windows, they're all sill super happy about winning the World Cup. My companion Elder Larsen took me to all the European designer clothing stores. Clothes are super cheap during "rebajes" wich translates for "sales". I found a store that sold fancy suits for only 25 euros. Ice cream and juice is so super cheap here. It's like a dollar and people don't believe in refridgerating their milk and eggs. It's so odd.

This week, Isabell (the landlord lady) had a dispute with us missionaries. The Mission has agreed to pay 400 euros a month for our stay here but Isabell wanted everyone to give her extra money out of our own pocket to cover her cooking and cleaning. Unfortunately we are not allowed to give her more than what the mission has allready agreed to pay. The Mission has been informed of the situation but we decided to play the guitar and sing "If you could hie to Kolob" for her and afterward, she was like I'm not going to raise your rent, I like you and I don't want you to leave. We are back again to normal. The Mission takes care of our rent and she doesn't ask for extra money from us. Fantastic!!!

White shirt & tie: $65, new shoes: $135, trip to Spain: $2,500 converting a nun: PRICELESS...

We're teaching a lot and doing a lot of stuff that's spiritual and the Ward loves us!! All of our work is done thru referals. We recently had a Spanish bbq, which was awesome. It was a huge turnout, including 10 non-members came. We had American soda, everybody was laughing, having a good time and there were tons of little kids there, and giant slabs of steaks, ribs and real animals were grilled over fires. It was insanely awesome. This guy's house was in the middle of an olive tree orchard. It was totally awesome!!!!

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