Friday, July 2, 2010

Madrid SPAIN MTC 07/01/2010

Hi Linsey,
Well, its actually afternoon here. It's almost time for la "comida" spanish word for lunch. I miss Mt. Dew, normal american fruits that's really big and not full of weird stuff, and I miss the restaurant "la Luna". I haven´t had cheese here yet, but I hear it's great. They have this carbonated water that tastes like Sprite called lasera but I call it gasolina. I love it! It comes in 1.5 liter bottles for like .45 cents. At the Madrid CCM, we have an unlimited supply of nutella, and a giant basket of pastries, cookies and all sorts of european goodies, including packaged croissants filled with nutella.
I´m not so dazed anymore about Spain, I feel like I´ve lived here forever. It feels like family here in the Madrid CCM. I will be out in a week, and I am nervous cuz I don´t speak spanish We did some contacting in a famous park last week, and it was horrible, cuz my temporary companion was very shy and spoke less spanish. I´m excited to have a trainer who knows what he's doing and speaks spanish well. Maybe it will be elder Alpanalp. I´ll keep my eyes peeled.
I miss Wal-Mart. It has such a great selection. I´ll send pics whenever I can. Everyone at the CCM speaks English a lot so I barely speak spanish so far, except maybe with the teachers that can´t speak english. I can kinda read the book of mormon in spanish. I´m studying hard and doing a lot. We went to the temple 3 times this week.
PS: "queso" is how you say cheese in spanish.
Elder Bennett.

In the event your missionary does not send you a foto from the MTC, here are a couple that may be of interest. Some include other missionaries that were in here with your missionary at the same time. Pres. Douglas Earl
Missionaries from Brazil.

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