Thursday, July 1, 2010

Madrid SPAIN MTC 07/01/2010

Yeah madrid MTC is much better!!! Provo is OK. We live on Temple ground after all. We went to the Temple the first time on Tuesday and twice. The portuguese Elders were going in live sessions. They were super excited. One didn´t have his ordination date of getting the Priesthood written on it, so he waited 4 hours for his family back in Brazil to get it, (It was 3 am there when they origianlly called.) So a number of us attended with him when he went. It was cool. I went again today, it was good. It's a pretty Temple, and the session was in English, lol. I finally got to see the other movie once. P-day is Thursday. I leave to my mission field in Malaga next week on Tuesday. I will write again on Monday (I think). I´m nervous to be cooking for myself. I am too lazy.
The weather is the same as SLC here. Just a hot summer day. Not incredibly hot, but about the same. Yeah I knew about Spain's winning to Portugal. Every apartment had a number of spain flags draped out the windows. And America did lose. lol.. I´ll send pix sometime.
That's cool that gma and gpa celebrated their 60th Anniversary.
Yeah we did some splits with other CCM missionaries in a famous Madrid park. It was not good. lol. absolutely no success and I don´t speak spanish.
I´m glad to hear about Jacob & dylan's Mission call. I am excited for them.
Elder Bennett

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