Monday, January 9, 2012

Murcia 01/09/12

Un foto de nuestro noche hogar en Archena, en la casa de Elsa y Vincente. Espero que se lo gustan!

My MTC president was a lawyer and judge, President Earl, and he´s a diehard republican.

I´m stoked for Mitt Romney. I´ve seen his face on telivision a lot lately and according to the reporters he´s the favorite. They say he´s gold but has only one flaw - his weird religion, lol. The spaniards don´t understand, but thats ok.

The SD card works with my mp3 player, but its easier with our phone, cause it has a screen and I can view the pictures. I got the picture of me and neil as my background.

I can´t wait for my birthday package, and I can´t wait to read the book of Dallin H. Oaks.

We celebrated 3 kings day this week. There were giant parties, and celebrations in all the houses, and big parades and concerts in public squares. They have this cool cake, called "el roscon de los reyes", and it contains different prizes inside but there will always be an ´haba´ (a bean) and a lil´ King figurine. If you get the little king figurine in your slice of cake, you win the crown and you become king of the party. If you get the bean, you have to pay for the cake!! I ate Roscón cake 5 times this week at seperate occasions. Once, within the missionaries, Elder Melgarejo, got the bean. The 2nd time at an investigators house (this one was home- made and was the best!!), the 3rd time at Elsa and Vincente´s house, the fourth time at the church, at a ward party. I got the bean!!! The fifth time, because a sister in the ward gave us a huge one and we took it to a huge family home evening, and everyone ate it and loved it!!

I bought a long sleeve shirt for 5 Euros, and some new shoes for 39 Euros. It's super sales now. I need some pants as well.

Hope all is well, have a great week!

Un foto con Luis y Kati

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