Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Murcia 01/24/12

I am coming home in April despite what the letter you've received said. President talked to me and he wanted me to let you know.
If we wait until May, it will be in the middle of a mid-transfer and it's just not possible to come home at that time.

Elder Melgarejo should leave very soon, he has his visa. He's now waiting for his plane ticket. Elder Cooper will be assigned as my next companion. I don´t know him, but he´s served in Dos Hermanas and in Almería.

We finally had 2 investigators in Church. They both wanna be baptized. They were both invited at a noche hogar in Archena. The previous Bishop name Cachari spoke about the Restoration and the Priesthood authority. It was great, because the 2 investigators were evangelistas. They love the Book of Mormon. We´ll see if we can´t dunk ´em in the water soon. I gave a testimony that the Gospel blesses families at that noche hogar. It was intense, because almost everyone in that room has a messed up family situation. Everyone was crying and looking at the ground. Well, I think they´ll wake up and repent!!

More and more people are talking about Romney.
Hope all is well!

Our district having some fun at Monte Agudo.

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