Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Murcia 01/16/12

I didn´t know Jon Huntsman was a presidential candidate. I looked at Mitt Romney's history on wikipidia. It's funny, it has a detailed history of his mission - He was an AP, zone leader, Asistant president(because the mission president´s wife died in a car wreck) and he was a Bishop and a Stake President. He also studied Law & Business at Harvard.

I withdrew the money for missionary work. I´m sorry I went over, but all the money was used for emergencies. We moved into a new apartment which was totally empty. There were no plates, no gas, no blankets, no iron.... so we had to buy EVERYTHING. And the funny thing is that my Church credit card got destroyed... and it's the source of money for me and my companion. So as soon as I get a new card, I´ll be able to balance out the money that I've used.

My comp. is going to Madrid today to visit the US Embassy. He´ll get his visa, and probably leave in 10 days.

I am excited for my birthday cake!!

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