Monday, January 2, 2012

Murcia 01/02/12 Happy New-Year!

New Year's Eve (Elder Shaver, Me, Elder Melgarejo, Elder Forrest, Hermana Ross, Hermana Capener, Estephania)

New years was a blast. We had to be in our house by 11:00pm, but we (the district) went to a member´s house where we ate, played card games and the guitar. It was really fun. Then in our apartment, we played a game of Parchisi until Midnight, then we did ´las uvas´ it's what they do in Spain. At the strike of 12, we ate 12 grapes. Then we toasted. It was cool. Elder Forrest wanted to sleep, but we didn´t let him. We watched the fireworks afterward. We also had church at 9 in the morning. But we made it out alright.

Elder Melgarejo will be leaving the US embassy on Jan. 17, and he´ll prolly get his visa 10 days later. Right at the end of the transfer.
President called me and told me that I´ll have to stay another transfer. I was kinda ready to leave, but its ok. It's a hard area, just because we don´t live in our area, and we don´t have a chapel in our area. But, we´re moving very soon to a city called Molina de Segura, thats 15 minutes north of Murcia. They´re gonna split the ward and put a chapel in Molina, but we need more tithing payers!

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