Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Murcia 08/22/11

Yeah, murcia is "tres bien". I´m learning French with my companion little by little. We are gonna teach some Muslim-french speaking people pretty soon. My comp has almost forgotten how to speak french. Its crazy!!! I´m liking this new area. We had a lot of old investigators when I got here. There are people who the missionaries were just passing by, people who weren´t ready or didn´t want to be baptized. Its been hard on my comp, but we just about dropped all the investigators, like 20 people in 3 different cities. But, we´re becoming better organized and we´re gonna be baptizing in a couple of weeks. :) nobody specific yet, but we´re getting many new people to teach. We´re gonna be doing a lot of member work. Having a car is sooooooooo nice. A lot of these members in different cities want to help the missionary work, but they lived too far away for missionaries to visit them. Now a 3 hour ordeal is a 15 minute ordeal. Its awesome. Its a 2010 Opel.

How is uncle Gilles doing? Auntie Lina is right, the standard of living here is very nice. Its quite comfortable. But, America is 20x better from what I´ve heard.
My comp made me give besitos (the little kisses) to an old lady. She was super insistant. We gave her a book of mormon and she was super insistent to give us 10 Euros. We said no and explained why like7 times, but she said she would rip up the money and never invite us over again. So she stuffed it in my companions pocket. We decided to buy her flowers next time we see her with the money she gave us.

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