Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Murcia 08//15/11

Murcia is good. I´m excited. Elder Basurto is from this city and he might return home from his mission while I am here. I´ll try to use him for like every lesson every day. I still have yet to meet his mom and his brother. Murcia is pretty big. We have the car to work in the neighboring cities. My license has been copied and it's ready to be sent, but I keep forgetting to do it. I´ll do it as soon as I remember. The 2 wards are pretty nice. Almost everyone is from Bolivia. We had a baptism on Sunday of a lady named Dacia. I forgot my camera in the car, so I´ll have to send it another day. The area is good, but its really disorganized, we´ll be doing some work. We had 4 mini missionaries helping out for 10 days, 2 young men and 2 young women. Andres and Luis worked with us and Ruth and Kiara worked with the Hermanas.
I live with other elders, and they´re very nice.

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