Monday, August 1, 2011

Almeria 08/01/11

It's been 15 months as a missionary, which is pretty crazy. Only 9 months left!!!. I´m having fun here in Almería. I think I will be leaving soon. I´ve completed almost 6 months here. Lola didn´t get baptized. She´s a special case. Mari didn´t get baptized either. Miguel, will have to wait another 1-6 months to get baptized. (dang paper work for his marriage!!)

We had an English bishop visit our ward this week with his family. They were here on vacation. Many Brittish people come down here for summer. We also had an RM, elder Hurley come for a visit. I met him once, about a year ago. Also 2 sisters, Earnshaw and Olsen came to visit last week. Their names are in our area book a lot. Everyone just loves Almería and wants to come back.

I finally finished this really long church book. ´A marvelous work and a wonder.´ I´m gonna focus on finishing El Libro de Mormon. I´ve been reading it out loud and sometimes reading a verse in english and one in spanish. I´m only on mosiah 15. But I will finish it!!

Thats cool that Neil is still swimming and starting 1st grade. He´ll do awesome.

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