Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dos Hermanas Sevilla 11/29/10

Wow. Thanks for the Christmas care package. I look forward to receiving it. I really appreciate it. It will be so awesome to read from the ward members.

That's cool to hear about your Disneyland trip. I´m glad you had fun. If you thought the food there was expensive, it wasn´t. Pizza here, can be like 14 Euros for a medium, and Mcdonald´s price is like eating at a real restaurant. It's about $8 for a meal.

This week sucked regarding the weather. It rained all week, and had super cold wind. It was barely above freezing, so it didn´t snow, but it was wet. My legs and feet are always drenched. But, its ok. We´re moving this week. Isabel is making last attempts for us to stay. She is way sad. But, we´re looking forward to our new apartment located in the middle of the city. We´re also gonna have a drier, which only a select few apartments in the mission have. Some members are gonna help us. The bishop and his son, and Fidel. Cuz, when Fidel is serving, he´s not smoking.

We´re about ready to drop Fidel, he really has no interest to do anything we tell him. He fed us like 3 times this week which is good. The past three weeks, we´ve been eating at members homes almost every day.

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