Monday, November 15, 2010

Dos Hermanas Sevilla 11/15/10

Some of the missionaries attended a 3 days specialized training at the Mission home in Malaga. Elder Bennett and his companion Elder Basurto were among the missionaries being trained.

Elder Basurto & Elder Bullen

On the pic above, Elder Bennett and Elder Masterson are showing off the weight they have lost. They each have lost around 25-30 lbs since they came on their missions. This is a walking mission and could it be the reason of their weight loss?

While all missionaries were looking at the camera, ELder Bennett had his eyes on the delicious dish in front of him and was not a bit interrested in looking at the camera.

This is a great looking group of Elders who work really hard everyday. Their enthusiasm and willingness to learn can only help them becoming the best missionaries they can be in the field. They look so happy. (Please click on the pic to see a bigger image)
Balcony: Elder Stowell, Elder Avellar, President Clegg, Elder Redd, Elder Hamilton, Elder Donoskovic

Stairs: Elder Basurto, Edler 2, Elder Masterson, Elder Burdette, Elder West, Elder Wells, Elder Ferguson, Elder Travis, Elder Taylor, Elder Bennett

Are the missionaries jumping for joy because they are the best missionaries serving in the best mission in the world or just because they are happy to have the special training over. What do you all think? (Please click on the pic to see a bigger image)

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