Monday, November 8, 2010

Dos Hermanas Sevilla 11/08/10

Our investigator Maria has turned into a nightmare. She has her anti-depression medication but she just won´t take it. We know she´s always home when we stop by but she pretends not to be there by not opening the door for us. We even caught her doing this.

Town Hall in Sevilla
Transfer happened again and I am staying here in Sevilla with Elder Earsurto for at least the next 6 weeks. We´re moving to a new apartment to the great dismay of our landlord Isabel. Elder Barsurto broke the news to her. Isabel has been crying all week and guilt tripping us everytime she could. But, she shocked me, when I saw her walLking through the chapel doors last Sunday. She hasn´t attended Church in years. It was testimony meeting, and the spirit we felt was particullarly strong cuz the ward temple trip was that week. Isabel asked if she could share her testimony even though she´s not a member. I was like, of course!! So I went up with her and she announced how devasted she was that we were moving, and I was pretty embarrassed. she did say that she felt the spirit super strong when we were staying at her place. That's good that she recognizes that.
I am glad to hear about the changes in the Ward and also thanx for sending me Jacob & Dylan MTC address. I hope more go on missions.

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