Tuesday, December 7, 2010

See you later grandpa! Dos Hermanas Sevilla 12/06/10

I received your Christmas package... kinda. The mission office has it, I have had that confirmed. I just sent yours yesterday. don´t worry about the shipping. it wasn´t expensive at all. cuz i´m shipping it technically from NY, not Spain.

Swiss chocolate is good but it's different than the kind uncle Gilles sends. Cuz, the brands he sends is super super expensive. Just as an example it's like 6 Euroes for 6 of those best chocolates uncle Gilles sends. The small box of white chocolate coconut balls is like 5 or 7 Euros. So I sent you all stuff you haven´t tried and a little cheaper than the ones uncle Gilles sends.
Elder Bennett, couple & Elder Redd

I´ll probably be outta Dos Hermanas before Christmas, but my comp thinks he´ll go and I´ll stay. It's possible we´ll both stay. Afterall, the mission is low on travel money. They haven´t announced that, but I know they are. Spain is cool in Christmas. It's raining all the time, and it's barely above freezing. The government did some lights in all the city squares, and the trees are all dressed up with lights like temple square. Every street has lights. It's sweet. I haven´t really been shopping lately. I would if things are on sale. Diet coke was 24cents a bottle of 2-liter. That was cool.

This week has been absolutely crazy and busy. We didn´t even have time to do normal things like planning in the morning, or night or weekly planning session. We are in the moving process, and we were supposed to be in the new house by Nov. 28. So we packed everything, all the food, books, our stuff, everything, and moved it into the new house. Which still wasn´t ready. We kept enough stuff to last 2 or so days. Except... WE´re still living at Isabel´s house, and the new house needs electricity, all the furnitture moved in, and the bathroom to be remodeled. It's kind of a sketchy situation. But, it's alright. We´re surviving. We´ve been getting fed, once or twice a day. Which is fantastic.

We´re also getting many service oppurtunities. We helped a guy remodel his giagantic house on an olive orchard. We scraped paint, (probably 80 years old and probably lead based) and repainted. I think the house is older than Utah. And one morning, the Bishop called us and asked us to come repair a fence, around the new church lot. That was an adventure cuz we had no clothes. i used flip-flops to make a chain link fence and concrete in the winter. it was an experience, for sure.
No, the car was not part of the service opportunity but it looks good! no?

Its still been raining pretty hard. It hasn´t kept us from sloshing around town.

We´ve been teaching a lot, and getting some new investigators. No baptisms, no real good progressing investigators. We´ve dropped all the bad investigators.
We had splits this week, and we also had a special training meeting. Which was good. I´ve been speaking a lot better Spanish. Its cool that you had the rare occasion to feed the missionaries. We got a training booklet which talks about how to work with members. More of a 20 page case study.

I am so sad to hear about Grandpa's passing. Here's a little thought that you can read at the funeral service today on my behalf:

´Its not goodbye, just see you later.´
Life is a journey and death is part of it. It's sad when loved ones pass on, but it's joyful to know that we will be reunited after this life. God loves us, and he has laid out a wonderful plan. And I am so grateful that this plan has been revealed to us. It makes me sad to hear that my Grandpa is gone, but I am grateful to know that this life is not the end of our journey. This knowledge gives me peace, and happiness to know that families can be together forever.
Grandpa Bennett was a good & dedicated man to the Gospel. I know he will find rest and be exhalted to the Celestial Kingdom.
If there is one thing he understood, that was love. He loved his family. He loved his plants. He loved his neighbors. He loved the Gospel. I am grateful for his example that he has set for everyone. I am grateful for his decisions and his example to me. I´ll always remember as a kid he would always tell stories. I love you grandpa and I will miss you.´

Daryl & grandpa Bennett

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