Tuesday, September 28, 2010

TRANSFER - 2nd Companion Elder Basurto - Dos Hermanas Sevilla 09/28/10

I learned a cool statistic the other day. There are currently about 500,000 Mormons age available to serve a mission. and about 52000 are serving.
Elder Bennett & Elder Larsen

Now about my shoes, the landlord lady Isabell helped me out. She took me to a shoe repair shop and I brought both pairs of shoes. Looking at the first pair, the shoe repair guy offered to throw them away cuz they were completely destroyed. As for the second pair of shoes, he saw that only the soles were destroyed and for 22 euroes he was able to repair them. He showed me why my shoes broke and taught me how to take care of them. He said that the cool designer shoes have hollowed soles, making an air bubble to give more comfort to the feet, but unfortunately they are way way less durable. He showed me the inside of my soles and they were absolutely smashed. But, now they feel just as good as new. He put in solid soles that will last a long time.

But Thank you for sending me new shoes. I am looking forward to receiving your package. Every shoe brand is different. I also looked for some shoes online and found that Kolh carries the same brand name shoes that I am wearing right now. The brand is called "Deer Stag". I ordered a pair with a size slightly bigger (13w) simply because the ones that I have now (size 12w) were a little tight and took a while to break-in. Don't worry, the ones that you sent me should be fine. While I'm waiting for both pair of shoes to come, I'm grateful Isabelle helped me find a shoe repair shop and the guy was able to fix one of my two pair of shoes. My shoes feel so good now and my feet don't hurt anymore. The stress about shoes is now gone.

Elder Basurto, my new & 2nd companion.

Transfer happened. Elder Larsen is no longer my companion. I am now paired with Elder Basurto. He is from Spain, but was born in Ecuador. He is cool, nice and way short. He´ll help me with my spanish. Both the Mission President and his wife said I needed to better my Spanish. Coincidence? I think not! But anyhow I´m excited. They said he´s super erecto and plays by the book, which will be different from Elder Larsen. So I´m excited to see how things roll out. He´ll be the perfect person for this area at this time. Our key investigators are from Ecuador or they are Evangelists (which he used to be one) and he has all the right resources to help this area. Me and Elder Larsen got a Muslim guy to go to church, which is very rare. Cool, hein? The bishop's son is now the Ward Mission Leader. He just returned from Bilbao and is way good friends with our Mission President Clegg.
Elder Larsen & Elder Birnhaumer getting on the bus and on their way to their new assigned area.

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