Monday, September 13, 2010

Dos Hermanas Sevilla 09/13/10

That's cool Josesph received his mission call to serve in Brazil. I'm happy for him. My residency problem is no longer an immediate concern. The Church legal team is currently working on the residency situation for all the missionaries, so I'll try not to worry about anything til then. Besides, going back to Madrid just to have my fingerprints taken would be money & time wasted. We'll see where this is going!

By the way, don't worry about my shoes, I'll work something out. Samuel and Top are super excited about their baptisms. The bishop will be the one baptizing them. We are so happy for the two of them.

We've been so overwhelmed with contacts, investigators and work that sometime it seems hard to accomplish them all in one week.

The Stake conference was yesterday. We attended Stake Conference in the new Stake building. It was so cool seeing so many mormons again in an actual church building, with the gym opened as overflow, as the english guy said, it feels like we're going to Church again, even though the gospel is the same world wide.

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