Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Murcia 11/20/11

I got to confirm Luis this sunday also. I had to repeat it. I said, by the authority of Melkisdec, instead of ´sacerdocio of Meldesidek.´ But, nevertheless, he got the gift of the holy ghost. His friend, Gabriela is awesome. She´s just flirting to convert. She brought another guy to a baptism on Saturday, and I think he´ll be next to go into the water.

These are some of the saints that come into Murcia once in a while and then other times the Missionaries go out to them to take them the sacrament. The wards are growing and in the near future there should be another ward in Murcia. That is great news.

This thanxgiving we´re not gonna do anything. There aren´t any american families here. So we´re gonna celebrate it today, on p-day, and go to an American restaurant. (which is super expensive, it's like 12-18 Euro meals.) but it's Thanksgiving... might as well splurge and it's the only norteamericano restaurante here in spain. (Although other missionaries tell me there is a kfc, I still have not found it yet.)

When do I have to decide to get into school?
When do I have to do my registration? its comin´ up, isn´t it?

What are you guys doing for Thanksgiving and for Black Friday?
Thanks for taking care of the credit card.

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