Monday, February 7, 2011

Jerez de la Frontera Cadiz 02/07/11

Yep. I¨ve done 9 months! It's been great. This upcoming week, my companion will be a trainer and I will also be staying here. So idk what that makes me. But, whatever the case, I´ll be in a trio. I´m excited to see what happens.

That's crazy to hear about Neil!! He´s just growning up so fast. Next time you see Tanner Sorenson's parents, could you please get his address from them? Tell uncle Bruce "hi" for me. I hope he´s doing ok.

We are going to get more baptisms before I leave. We are teaching some awesome people! The presentation board rocks, and i´m stoked to use it.

We have been using various tactics to get people to English classes, and we´ve been getting the most fruit by posting big flyers in public places, light poles, outside of resteraunts and stuff.
The ward is super hpapy and excited about all the progress that we´ve been making!

I´m good on stuff right now... but if i need anything, I´ll let you know. thanks though.

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