Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas - Jerez de la Frontera Cadiz

Christmas has arrived. We finally opened Elder Bennett's package that he sent us. It was so thoughtful of him to send goodies and souvenirs all the way from Spain. He's such a wonderful young man. He also included a letter. It just melted our hearts to read from him. Later that afternoon about 1:40pm, he called home. We talked for 10 mns then we were cut off. He called again and the same thing happened. He tried again at 2:10pm and we finally were able to talk longer (about 1 hour). Ahhhhhh, it was so nice hearing his voice again & learning more about his experiences in the Mission field. He had so much to say. It's such a blessing to know how much he's enjoying his mission & how great his love is for the people of Spain. This is one of the best Christmases for us.

Elder Bennett & his companion Elder Waite

Here's Elder Bennett's letter.
Hello & Merry Christmas family!

You will find that I have included in your package some stuff to eat. Most of the goodies are from Switzerland & Germany cause their sweets are just better. I also sent you a lot of "polverones". These are very Spanish and they are good. I sent a plate with a bull picture on it and I wrapped it with a scarf. Linsey can go ahead and keep the scarf. I sent a key chain with a spanish crest and a bull on the back, that's for whoever wants it. I also sent a Ferrar key chain (the one with a horse on it). David, the african we lived with told me "that's for your mother; mother is so nice and very important". I sent some "cherizo" and they are fantastic. The Spanish use it in their eggs, spaghettis and a number of dishes. It's treated meat so it doesn't need refrigeration before initially use. There's a shirt that says Spain on it. Whoever wants that can have it. I think tha's all. Thanks for the gifts and stuff. I hope all is well. I miss home and stuff. Hope you are having fun. Merry Christmas!!!


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