Monday, April 4, 2011

Almeria 04/04/11

The Almeria District

We just had a very cool mission experience. We fixed an important date to teach someone named Nikolas, but somehow we lost contact with him. We didn't have an address or a phone number to reach him at. So today, as we always do on our P-days, we went to the usual "cafe" to use the internet to write emails but the place was closed (We thought it was odd cause it's never closed). Anyway, we went on to the other side of town to check out the cool computer cafe that offers "Apple" computers. When we arrived at the "Apple" computer place, it would not be open for another 10 mn. So Elder Beck decided that we should go for a walk by the beach. As we walk along the beach, we saw a gigantic sand sculpture of a crocodile and we decided to check it out! And guess who we found standing right next to the sculpture....yess it was Nikolas!!!! He was the creator of this magnificent sand sculpture. We were amazed by the beautiful work of Nikolas but more so that we have found him!!! What a miracle!! Nikolas believes God had bless him with his talent and wanted him to share with others. He's so positive and I'm so impressed with his trust in God. He's been reading the Book of Mormon and had lots of questions for us. What a happy & blessed day.

Nikolas the random miracle and his amazing looking sand dragon.

The baptisms for Rusian and Victor didn't take place but they are rescheduled for a later date. We are thinking April 16th. All of our investigators are doing well. Our Romanians are doing great. I learned how to say the word "baptism" in Romanian. It's Botez! The gospel is very hard to translate in Romanian but we do our best. Conference was good. We had a ton of investigators come. For some of them, it was their first time in a church building. I personally liked Elder Bednard's talk.

Here's a real truck in Spain

We are doing a lot of good work with one family that lives out in a small village. We have like 8 potential baptisms there. And we also started teaching a super awesome family, a less active member, Francisco Angel, his wife, their 5 kids and other relatives as well. They are super interested because the ward has been helping them when Francisco was in the hospital. I can easily see Francisco be like Paco, a valiant member of the Church.

Taking the elevator, it was pretty cramp in there

We had one transfer. Elder Hamilton has been transfered to the North and he'll be with Elder Barsuto. Elder Beck is going home really soon and he's excited about that. I am with Elder Lignell now. I´m super stoked to be working with him. He´s a hard worker. he knows whats what and he studies extremelly well. I am blessed to be with him.

Elder Beck, Elder Bennett, Nikolas & Elder Lignell

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