Monday, January 10, 2011

Jerez de la Frontera Cadiz 01/10/11

Yeah, the missionary work is doing well but was not always going well. We had 8 elders here in this area at the beginning of last year. They usually taught an average of 3 lessons weekly but were not having any baptisms. Now we are changing that. One of the converts is really doing a lot missionary work. He is referring all of his friends. He came with us on a tour of the church with one of his friends. He showed his friend the baptismal font first and said, this is where you will be baptize. After the tour, the man asked, if I study these things and find out that they are true, what do I have to do to be baptized? It's promising, I can feel it! We also have one baptism schedued for this Saturday. This new convert really wants to promote the church. He knows the mayor elect personally, and we will be giving her and her associates a tour of the church and inviting them to be baptized as well. Also this man has connections with the radio, TV news, and newspaper, and he wants to put our name out there. We are really excited.

We just finished celebrating a huge event here in Cadiz called the 3 kings day. This is one important event in Spain. It is virtually as important as Christmas itself especially for kids, as this is the day when they get their presents! It's celebrated on the 6th of January. The children look forward to this day. Every town and city in Spain will have a procession on the night of 5th January where tons of sweets will be thrown from the passing floats to children and adults. From this event, we've got chocolate and socks and a few presents.

We took that night to organize the area book. Jerez is pretty cool. It's one of the most awesome cities. We played soccer with the locals on our P-day and it was pretty fun.

That's awesome about Joseph. I am so glad for him.

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