Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dos Hermanas Sevilla 10/27/10

Thanx for the $$ update. I found out why I was so poor. I talked with the mission president. He made a phone call to the mission office and learned the Elder in charge of the finance had billed me for the shoe fee twice, instead of taking out $60, he took out $120. But, I got it back now and I am all set. Thanx for putting money in my account, I didn´t go hungry.

We've got a baptism scheduled for this Saturday, Maria. She´s a sweet old spanish lady who was ready before we found her. She passed the interview and everything. As for Kunle, we haven´t seen him since we fixed his baptism date. So it's been dropped. We got another one and his name is Monday but we quickly dropped him. I´m not sure but I think he´s a drug dealer and he lies to us heavily, which is not appreciated. I wouldn´t let a Jehova Witness baptize this man. But, his wife is good and ready. Next time we see her we´ll set a baptismal date.

My spanish is world's better. The shoes you sent me are really good and duralble Thank you. Spain taxes their goods cuz their economy sux and they need revenue somehow. No, we haven't had too much rain. My two favorite spanish dish are Gaspacho and Zamorano (I think that's how you spell them).

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