Sunday, July 24, 2011

Almeria 07//18/11

The missionary work is good. We´re finally legal, me and my companion in Almería. Hna. Mancera, the mini-missionary had to go home, so Hna. Frandsen went to Murcia. She´ll come back though. We cleaned out Lola´s father´s workshop. There was a ton of old junk. We threw it all away. We kept everything that we wanted. I have a cool Spanish sword and some other old stuff included some cool relics. We set a fecha with Lola. I have the feeling she´ll get baptized before I leave. I'm glad Linsey had a great birthday and I hope Neil is ok.

My African investigators. The boy is a member of the Church.

Bro. Joel Corrado and I coming home from Malaga.

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