Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Murcia 02/13/12

Thanks for the Birthday package, I enjoyed it very much. I like the Dallin H. Oaks book a lot. I shared the part about tithing in Testimony meeting yesterday. I called everyone to repentance. I like the movie, I honestly don´t remember any of it. But I enjoyed it. Thank you for the birthday cake. We baked it and I liked it a ton! We had a member family and some investigators come and eat the cake with us. It was fun.
Here's a picture of the cake you sent. Me and Hno. Apolinar celebrating my 21st birthday

This week I watched the entire D&C history DVD. It was cool reviewing all the Church history. It makes me wanna go to Far West, Nauvoo, and Kirtland.

Other than that, I had a great week. Hope everything is good at home.

Murcia 02/06/12

My birthday was very good. On Tuesday morning, we had a district meeting. The sister missionaries made me cookies called snickerdoodles and sang the Happy Birthday song to me. Awww...

During mediodia, we went to Archena, in the house of Elsa. Kathi and Pollo made me a huge birthday cake and a yummy dinner. They stayed up until 1 in the morning making it. They all sang "happy birthday" to me. They made me take a bite out of the cake, then they tried to push my face into the cake!! It was funny. I'm so grateful for their kindness & thoughtfulness.

One sister in the ward gave me a huge jar of Peanut butter from Albertsons! Then on thursday, Hna. Dacia made me a birthday cake and some food. Then on saturday, Vladamir and Alicia made us food and another birthday cake!! I've been spoiled and I'm so grateful for all of those wonderful people who made my Birthday so special. And on p-day, we ate at a mexican buffet. It was incredible.

This week Elder Melgarejo left to Puerto Rico. :( I´m sad.

Elder Melgarejo and I

I am now with a new companion. He´s from Orem and he´s super cool. He´s served almost the same mission as me. He started in Dos Hermanas, he was my replacement in Almería, and now he´s here. he has little more than a year in the mission. This week, we had ton of exito. We found 12 new investigators.

Murcia 02/06/12

Everyghing went well this week. Elder Cooper & myself are getting along fine and are working really hard. Nothing too exciting happened this week.

I´m glad the ward is sending missionaries out.

I will probably get my package tomorrow.

Another buffet with my district!

Elder Basurto, home at last!!

La capilla de Espinardo

Chocolate pasta at the Muerde la Pasta.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Murcia 01/24/12

I am coming home in April despite what the letter you've received said. President talked to me and he wanted me to let you know.
If we wait until May, it will be in the middle of a mid-transfer and it's just not possible to come home at that time.

Elder Melgarejo should leave very soon, he has his visa. He's now waiting for his plane ticket. Elder Cooper will be assigned as my next companion. I don´t know him, but he´s served in Dos Hermanas and in Almería.

We finally had 2 investigators in Church. They both wanna be baptized. They were both invited at a noche hogar in Archena. The previous Bishop name Cachari spoke about the Restoration and the Priesthood authority. It was great, because the 2 investigators were evangelistas. They love the Book of Mormon. We´ll see if we can´t dunk ´em in the water soon. I gave a testimony that the Gospel blesses families at that noche hogar. It was intense, because almost everyone in that room has a messed up family situation. Everyone was crying and looking at the ground. Well, I think they´ll wake up and repent!!

More and more people are talking about Romney.
Hope all is well!

Our district having some fun at Monte Agudo.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Feliz Cumpleanos Elder Bennett! Murcia 01/24/12

We want to wish our son a Happy 21st Birthday. We are glad he was born into our family 21 years ago today. We're proud of him and love him deeply.

I'm having a good Birthday celebration so far. As a District, we went to Monte Agudo again. It was so much fun. We went out to eat at an American-Mexican buffet that served tacos, hamburgers, bbq ribs, bagels, a sundae bar, chinese food, and all sorts of stuff. It was good!!!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Murcia 01/16/12

I didn´t know Jon Huntsman was a presidential candidate. I looked at Mitt Romney's history on wikipidia. It's funny, it has a detailed history of his mission - He was an AP, zone leader, Asistant president(because the mission president´s wife died in a car wreck) and he was a Bishop and a Stake President. He also studied Law & Business at Harvard.

I withdrew the money for missionary work. I´m sorry I went over, but all the money was used for emergencies. We moved into a new apartment which was totally empty. There were no plates, no gas, no blankets, no iron.... so we had to buy EVERYTHING. And the funny thing is that my Church credit card got destroyed... and it's the source of money for me and my companion. So as soon as I get a new card, I´ll be able to balance out the money that I've used.

My comp. is going to Madrid today to visit the US Embassy. He´ll get his visa, and probably leave in 10 days.

I am excited for my birthday cake!!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Murcia 01/09/12

Un foto de nuestro noche hogar en Archena, en la casa de Elsa y Vincente. Espero que se lo gustan!

My MTC president was a lawyer and judge, President Earl, and he´s a diehard republican.

I´m stoked for Mitt Romney. I´ve seen his face on telivision a lot lately and according to the reporters he´s the favorite. They say he´s gold but has only one flaw - his weird religion, lol. The spaniards don´t understand, but thats ok.

The SD card works with my mp3 player, but its easier with our phone, cause it has a screen and I can view the pictures. I got the picture of me and neil as my background.

I can´t wait for my birthday package, and I can´t wait to read the book of Dallin H. Oaks.

We celebrated 3 kings day this week. There were giant parties, and celebrations in all the houses, and big parades and concerts in public squares. They have this cool cake, called "el roscon de los reyes", and it contains different prizes inside but there will always be an ´haba´ (a bean) and a lil´ King figurine. If you get the little king figurine in your slice of cake, you win the crown and you become king of the party. If you get the bean, you have to pay for the cake!! I ate Roscón cake 5 times this week at seperate occasions. Once, within the missionaries, Elder Melgarejo, got the bean. The 2nd time at an investigators house (this one was home- made and was the best!!), the 3rd time at Elsa and Vincente´s house, the fourth time at the church, at a ward party. I got the bean!!! The fifth time, because a sister in the ward gave us a huge one and we took it to a huge family home evening, and everyone ate it and loved it!!

I bought a long sleeve shirt for 5 Euros, and some new shoes for 39 Euros. It's super sales now. I need some pants as well.

Hope all is well, have a great week!

Un foto con Luis y Kati